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The climate crisis dictates the need to halt new road construction now

Published 02 November 2022 by Transform Scotland

We’ve issued a parliamentary briefing to all Members of the Scottish Parliament ahead of this afternoon’s opposition debate by the Scottish Conservatives promoting more road-building.

Transform Scotland director Colin Howden said:

“This debate is taking place days before the start of COP27, and less than a week after the UN Secretary- General António Guterres said that “we are headed for a global catastrophe” due to “economy-destroying levels of global heating”. He specifically called for countries to “avoid a lock-in of new fossil fuel infrastructure”. However, this is specifically what this motion is calling for. It is direct contribution to climate collapse.

“The Scottish Government’s road-building programme is entirely incompatible with Scotland’s climate change targets, it places a massive burden on all other sectors and the country as a whole, and will lock in increased emissions for years to come.”