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Travel Smart

Travel Smart is a global campaign to reduce carbon emissions from business travel. Our goal is to reduce corporate air travel emissions by 50% or more from 2019 levels. To achieve this, we’ve joined forces with an international coalition with partners across Europe, North America and Asia, led by European NGO Transport & Environment (T&E).

Targeting Traffic

We’re bringing together business leaders to influence how Scotland will meet its new 20% car traffic reduction target. We’re exploring which traffic reduction options will be most effective in cutting climate emissions, tackling congestion and ensuring the way we pay for our roads is fair and equitable, whilst supporting business and encouraging economic development.

Think Rail First

Towards the end of last year we worked in partnership with train operator LNER to encourage people to “Think Rail First” and chose train over flying or driving for UK trips. Recent research has reinforced the evidence that taking the train is faster, cheaper and more reliable than plane or car for Edinburgh-London journeys, but that the majority of people underestimate these benefits. How do we change public perceptions and encourage more people to switch to the train?

#lovemybus — bus at heart of a just, green recovery

Bus can be a solution for tackling the challenges we face; improving our health, reducing pressure on the NHS, tackling inequalities and climate change, creating green jobs and strengthening our economy. How can we all help? Showing support for bus!

Corona Recovery Series: Revisited

Throughout June 2021, we published a ‘Corona Recovery’ series of four reports that focused in on central challenges that the transport sector was facing at this time. One year on and three further reports have been written, assessing what changes have been made in the Scottish transport sector in response to the pandemic so far, and whether these are in line with the recommendations given in the first set of reports. The aim of these reports is to ensure that the Corona Recovery leads us to a fairer, greener and more robust transport system.

Corona Recovery Series

The Corona Crisis has severely impacted Scottish transport. We have published a series of reports on how we can ensure that the Corona Recovery leads us to a fairer, greener and more robust transport system. Throughout June 2020, we published a ‘Corona Recovery’ series of four reports that focus in on central challenges that the transport sector is facing, and accompanied these with a series of videocalls for our members.

Moving the Vote: transport conversations with the parties

In advance of May’s Scottish Parliament elections, we hosted a series of online events to provide our members, the wider transport sector, and members of the public with the opportunity to engage with representatives of the main political parties in Scotland and ask them questions on key transport issues.


Inter-City Express: Bringing Scotland’s Cities Closer Together

We want to see a long-term programme of investment in the Scottish inter-city rail network so that rail, rather than road, can become the norm for travel between our cities.The ‘Inter-City Express’ campaign aims to transform rail travel in Scotland over the next fifteen years, bringing all seven of Scotland’s cities closer together with a ‘safe, civilised and sustainable mode of transport that is fit for the 21st Century’. Click here for the ICE website.


Fix It First: Mend all our roads now

We want to see investment focused on fixing our existing roads, cycle paths and pavements ahead of building more roads. And it’s not just us: 84% of Scots agree that priority should be given to fixing the existing road network. Scotland is calling on its Government to ‘Fix It First!’

You can find a collection of our past campaigns and their impact here.